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​We will introduce Star Home Co., Ltd., which operates HAYAMA RV-site,

Here is a list of shops that offer services for camping.





BBQに必要な道具から食材まで全て準備してくれます。ご利用の際は、当HAYAMA RV-siteをご予約確定の上、こちらの満福さんで「場所は予約済みです」と伝え、希望メニュー等を直接ご相談ください。

Honeyview_IMG20211120154629 (1).jpg

Specialty firewood for sale!
"Thoughts of a bonfire lover
A firewood set that lets you have fun growing a fire

HAYAMA RV-siteで購入できます。

Hayama Map (table).jpf
Hayama Map(back).jpf
Hayama Guide Map (issued by Hayama Town)
Parks, culture, beaches, parking lots, morning markets,
Full of information on shopping, hiking, and more!

Hayama New Discovery Map

This map summarizes information about recommended spots and shops in Hayama .

Click to see a larger image.

This is an original Star Home map that was created by Goro Shimano, an illustrator from Zushi who currently lives in the Netherlands.

Hayama Bushcraft

In addition to the introductory video for the HAYAMA RVsite, this YouTube channel features staff member and outdoor expert Kita-san, along with Shin-chan and Shiraba, introducing camper vans, the outdoors, the attractions of Hayama, and more.

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