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Bonus information

A variety of exclusive benefits are available.

Repeat Member Documents - Google Spreadsheet.pdf.png

important point

*The counting method applies when the reservation is made by the same person (couples with different accounts cannot combine their bookings)

★The requirements for meeting the conditions are basically based on self-reporting .
*Please check with the reservation site.

★Please call to specify your area for the special benefit!

★ Valid for one year from the 1st of the month following the day the membership conditions are met. Example: If the conditions are met on 4/10, the countdown starts on 5/1. The expiration date is the last day of April next year.
Note: This is not the expiration date from the first use .

★If the conditions are met by the expiration date, it will be [continued]
If you cannot meet the conditions, your rank will be downgraded.

★【Rental items】Only available on the day

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