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Private Camp

Camping while listening to the silence of nature, the chirping of birds, and the murmuring of the river.

We aim to operate the campsite in a way that is true to its purpose.

We ask that you understand the camping rules and theories before using the facility.

A quiet, private space away from the hustle and bustle of the city

"Wood deck area" and "Wood chip area"

In addition to the dog run area, there is also a private forest deck on the mountain behind the property.

You can also camp in a tent in the dog run, where dogs can stay off-leash.

Let's observe outdoor etiquette and make the space pleasant.

* [When searching for availability]

Click on the check-in date in the reservation date search

Select "Anytime" on the top right of the calendar that appears .

When you open the plan, you can see the available dates.

* This site does not offer day camp plans.

Please apply for the 1 night plan .

🔥【Important Notice】🔥

Wood fence site: Firewood and charcoal are not permitted .

* Including those with secondary combustion function

(Gas, alcohol, white gasoline, solid fuel OK . AC power permanently provided )

Since the wood fence site is close to residential houses and smoke can easily reach nearby houses , we ask for your consideration of the neighbors.

Forest deck site: Bonfire hours: 4pm to 10pm .

To prevent forest fires, please strictly follow the precautions in the "Forest Deck Site" section below.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Facilities and Services

The entire surface is made of wood decking, so it is highly recommended as it does not easily get dirty, even on rainy days.

【サイト数】2区画 / 【​区画サイズ】約7.2×5.5m








[Number of sites] 3 plots

[Partition size] 9 x 8m, 10 x 6m (cannot be specified)

This is a site where you can set up tents and tarps (3 tents).

BBQ is also available.

Please keep your pets on a leash.

🔥【Important Notice】🔥

Wood fence site: Firewood and charcoal are not permitted .

* Including those with secondary combustion function

(Gas, alcohol, white gasoline, solid fuel OK . AC power permanently provided )

Wood fence sites are close to residential areas, so smoke can easily get into the neighborhood .

Please be considerate to the neighbors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation .




またRV-site, TENT-siteご利用の方は1時間無料で利用可能。


サイト数:2区画 ・ ​区画サイズ:約10×10m

Forest Private Deck A (Daytime)
Forest Deck Private Deck A (night)
Forest Site B
Forest wood deck A size
You can also use it during the day for remote work, yoga, day camps, etc.



(焚火時間 16~22:00)


サイズ:(A)約4m×5m (B)約5m×5m (C)約​6m×4m



AC電源(常設) トイレ・洗い場まで1~2分。(森を通らず道路側から行けます。)





​     ※Wi-Fiは繋がりません。ご了承ください。

Check tent site reservation availability here
For other enquiries, click here

Price List

~ Basic accommodation fee ~ (tax included)

*Please check the rates for each site on the reservation site.

(1 parking spot is included in the price)

What is included in the usage fee?

1 tent space 1 parking space

Toilet / shower / washing area water supply

Free Wi- Fi

(Delivery may not be possible depending on location)

~ additional fee ~

Parking (2nd car onwards) ¥1,000/car

Additional people (up to 2)

Adults ¥1000/person / Children ¥500/person

Dogs: 500 yen /dog


*Bonfires are available in the RV[A], wood chip area, and wood deck from 17:00 to 21:00 , and in the RV[B] and forest from 16:00 to 22:00. *Please use earphones for music.
*Playthings such as balls and badmintons are prohibited.
*Maximum of 5 people per tent site

(This includes additional friends joining on the day)
*We do not accept group camping reservations (please call us to inquire if you would like to apply as a group).
*Please try to go to bed by 10pm .
*The rental AC power supply costs 500 yen.
Firewood and charcoal are available for sale.
* The shower rooms are available from 7:00am to 9:00pm .
(Please specify Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, consecutive holidays, etc. on the reservation list on the whiteboard in the shower room.)
(Please be punctual as this is an appointment with local residents.)
*You may bring your own BBQ, but fire use is limited to three hours from the start of use.
*We accept inquiries via telephone, so please feel free to call us.
TEL: 090(6273)0138

Our campsite aims to allow people to feel a connection with nature.

Enjoy the sounds of nature, the breeze, and the murmuring of the river.

In addition, shouting, playing music, and talking loudly while drinking alcohol are also prohibited.

We have set up a system where only those who understand proper campsite etiquette can use the facility.

We welcome beginners and veterans alike, but please only use our facilities if you can observe proper etiquette.

We will provide you with a list of precautions and rules on-site, so please read them.

If you are new to camping, please feel free to let our staff know.
I hope this will put your mind at ease as I will provide a simple explanation.

We appreciate your understanding of the considerations we take in order to ensure that this is a place where you can enjoy camping for many years to come.



Wood Deck
A large wooden deck space for BBQ and other activities for up to 15 people. Only tents can be set up ( up to 2 tents)

  Wood chips
Ideal for larger tents (3 tents)

ウッドデッキ ➤ ¥25,000(税込)
ウッドチップ ➤ ¥30,000(税込)

20人以上  ➤​¥1,000/1人/1日(税込)

Empty-handed BBQ

Empty-handed BBQ set (for 4 or more people)
¥3,850~/person (tax included)

*A separate site usage fee will be charged.

(3 hour setting)

*BBQ grills, charcoal, and other tools are also available.
All meals will be provided. *Vegetables are available upon request.
*Additional menu items include seafood set, whole chicken,
We can also provide beer servers.
*When you apply for this service
Garbage collection
and fire fighting
It's all a service

Applications are accepted for groups of 4 or more.

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