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●RVsite【A】(site with private deck)
●RVsite【B】(gravel site)

This is an RV site with private space where you can enjoy sleeping in your car while sitting by a bonfire in the natural surroundings of Hayama, feeling like you're camping.

Although it faces the road, it has a wide mountain view, a stream flowing below, and there is little traffic at night, so you can relax and enjoy nature.

We also offer a service where guests using the RV site can use the dog run for free for one hour.

(*Dog run cannot be used if it is being used for tent camping.)

Car camping site [A] (site with private deck)

Car camping site [B] (gravel site)

Site (plot) details

RV Comparison Table 10.17.png


* This site does not offer a "day camp plan."

Please apply for the 1 night plan.

Weekend plan.png
Gravel [B] Plan.png
Honeyview_LONG STAY PLAN.png

RVsite [A] Plan
( Private wooden deck included)


Reservations and availability searches from "Nappu"

Reservations and availability searches via "Carstay"

*If the reservation is full, please search on the other site.

RVsite [B] Plan
(Private gravel space included)

​¥5,000~ 6,000

Reservations and availability searches from "Nappu"

RVsite Long-term Stay Plan
(With private deck)


Check -in  

  Weekdays 11:00 ~ / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 14:00~

Check -out

~ 11:00 the next day

* If you have already made a reservation on the reservation site ,

Late night check-in and early morning check- out are possible.


●Pet (dog)...¥500
●Separate parking for trailers, visitors, etc.: 1,000 yen/car ●Firewood and charcoal for sale ●
Rental of deck pegs, fire pits , chairs and tables , etc.

(Please refer to the reservation page for details)

●Early check-in 12:00~ ・・・¥2000
13:00~ ・・・¥1000
13:30~ ・・・ ¥0

●Extended stay (local reservations only)
¥500/30 minutes

Terms of Use
●Bathroom containers up to a maximum width of 2.6m and length of 7.5m.
●Maximum number of vehicles available: 4 vehicles per RV site (only 1 vehicle per bus stop on site [A])
●This RVsite does not accept reservations for specific locations except for vehicles over 7m in length.
Please let us know if your vehicle is over 7m when making your reservation.
●From light campers to bus campers. Of course, you can sleep in your car even if it's not a camper.

*For more information on facilities and precautions, please see the reservation page.


We also have a camper rental accommodation set plan.

customer's voice

Here are some testimonials from actual customers
*Reprinted from reviews on Google Maps and Carstay


Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

こちらのRVサイトは、バンコン仲間と2回利用しました! 対応や説明も丁寧で、施設も清潔です!














Mr. N

Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

以前から気になっておりましたが近くを通りましたのでお電話にて予約させて頂き他の予約の方おられなかったので少し早く入場させて頂きました 。

ウッドデッキは足元が汚れにくくて助かります キャンピングカーは充電しながらエアコンも使用可能でした。

給水も可能です 。





交通アクセスが良いです。 焚火ができるのはとても良いと思います。


大自然を楽しみたいと言う方向きではないと思いますが アウトドア初心者の自分にはとても利用しやすいのでまた是非再訪させて頂きたいと思います。



Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Highly functional RV site. Very clean and well equipped facility.

The car sites with private decks (with power and water) and tent sites (deck site, dog run site, wood chip site, private deck tent site) have a clear difference in elevation, so they are isolated from traffic noise and views and are quiet and comfortable, allowing you to relax in the hammock sites or enjoy a quiet tea time at the cafe site.

The 24-hour toilets with heated washlets are located inside the reception facility, so they are warm even in the middle of winter, and the showers are available until 9 p.m. The fire pit and BBQ are only available until 9 p.m. out of consideration for the sleeping times of neighbors and guests, so you can get a good night's rest without any noise.

There are two sinks with hot water for washing dishes, etc. One of them only has cold water, so it would be good to wear kitchen gloves in the winter so your hands don't get cold.

It is good manners to dispose of food waste and other items yourself and take them home with you.

There are vending machines and firewood for sale on the premises.

Supermarkets and convenience stores are about 5 minutes away by car (or can be reached on foot).

There is also a market about a 7-minute walk away where you can purchase Hayama beef and local vegetables.

It was a very nice RV site.

Repeat is confirmed.


For those arriving by car

Metropolitan Expressway Yokohama Yokosuka direction

From Zushi Interchange

Continue on Zuyo Shindo and it's about 5 minutes from the end


For those arriving by train

10 minutes by Keikyu bus from JR Zushi Station

Get off at "Suigenchi Iriguchi"

10 minutes by taxi from JR Zushi Station

Approximately 2,000 yen

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