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Let's work with excitement and humanity while feeling nature

CAMPING OFFICE provided by Snow Peak Business Solutions is:
It is an environment where you can work in an exciting and human way while feeling the nature around you, such as the sea, the mountains, the blue sky, and the wind.
By holding creative meetings under tents and tarps, or talking around a campfire,
It generates new ideas and natural conversations that energize the organization.

- Outdoor Corporate Training Program -

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Recommended for those who:

  • [Avoiding closed spaces] Looking for a place for off-site meetings and training

  • CAMPING OFFICE's [I want to see the site]

  • I want to generate good ideas in nature.

  • I want to create a place for real communication

  • I want to have honest conversations with members

About an hour's drive from the city center.
The moment you step out of the car, you'll feel a soft breeze and a comfortable sense of openness.

CAMPING OFFICE HAYAMA is in a luxurious location surrounded by the sea, mountains, and rivers.

The symbol of the park is the tree house in the parking lot.

The wooden deck space is one level lower than the surrounding area, with the sounds of the babbling brook and birds singing in the background.

The biggest attraction of the Hayama location is the sea, mountain, and river activities available.

Even if you don't usually talk to someone, you can quickly become closer to them by joining forces and rowing a boat on the ocean.

Eating a meal together after working out in nature brings people closer together.

Feel the gentle breeze and experience a work style that liberates you!


Weekday plan limited to one company per day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) / Number of participants: 6-20

Basic Plan

Basic plan for gathering in the afternoon and holding an outdoor meeting Price : ¥20,000-/person (+tax)

Schedule example

13:30 Set up!

Assembly and setup experience

Let's all work together to set up all the gear!

Untitled Design (5).png
14:00 Outdoor Meeting

Enjoy a spacious meeting under a tarp set up on the wooden deck!

17:00 Dinner & Bonfire

Make a charcoal fire and enjoy a BBQ dinner on the wooden deck.

After the meal, enjoy a relaxing time with friends around the campfire.

Untitled Design (4).png
20:30 Thanks & See you!

I'm sad to say goodbye, but thank you for your hard work!


Optional Plan

In addition to the basic plan, this plan allows you to enjoy activities to experience Hayama's nature in the morning.
You can fully experience Hayama, blessed with the rich natural beauty of the sea, mountains, and rivers, and increase your sense of solidarity with your friends.



Gather at the location and start the activity!

You can choose from three activity plans: A, B, and C.

*Each plan is estimated to take about 3 hours, excluding explanation, preparation, and travel time.

Program A

E-Boat & Sea Kayak

Price ¥12,000-/person (+Tax)


スクリーンショット 2020-05-04 11.07.46.png

Program B

Bamboo shoot digging & bamboo rice bowl meal

Price ¥10,000-/person (+Tax)

Program period: From the end of March

スクリーンショット 2020-05-04 11.09.27.png

Program C

Trekking & River Rafting

Price ¥8,000-/person (+Tax)

Program duration: Year-round

Screenshot 2020-05-04 11.12.13.png

Regroup, change clothes, and have lunch


Activity Plus rates include insurance and AED use during the activity.

Please note that the time schedule and content may be subject to change.

Please contact us for inquiries regarding the number of participants, start and end times, etc.

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